The company behind the Neptune sound processor, Advanced Bionics, have just announced that they have received approval by the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA). Why should that interest you and what makes the Neptune sound processor special? It’s quite simple really; Neptune is the first and only waterproof cochlear implant sound processor that is available.

The invention was specifically designed to assist a cochlear implant user in hearing, whether they are in the water or out of it.  It is perfect to use whether the user is swimming in the ocean, or simply chilling out near a lakeside or riverbank.  Even going swimming at the local community pool.  It does not matter whatsoever, as the Neptune sound processor will be able to withstand all of these different types of environments.Neptune Sound Processor

According to Advanced Bioincs, The Neptune sound processor also sports the industry’s first freestyle design, where recipients can hear the world of sound with the comfort and beauty of nothing on the ear.

A user of the older kind of products knows that they would need to enclose their processor inside a bag or completely remove their processor whenever they go swimming or bathe for that matter.  Sometimes, this could result in the user not being able to hear important safety instructions, which may be vital during an emergency situation.

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[Image via: objects.designapplause]