The first time I went to Canada, it was to visit my girlfriend (now my wife).  As soon as I arrived we went for coffee at Tim Hortons. It was there I tried my first medium double double and I fell in love.  The coffee was pretty good too!  Timmy’s as it is affectionately known by locals, offers customers affordable coffee, donuts, soups and sandwiches. The Canadian company has been encroaching into the U.S. market over the past few years now and recently has introduced a new payment feature,  one which is popular at their major U.S. competitor’s coffee house, Starbucks.  It is the mobile payment.


The Tim Hortons TimmyMe app now allows you to pay with a barcode from your phone with some pre-loaded credit and it also supports the Passbook app on iPhone.

The payment technology that is used is available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry through the app itself.  So in a country where the mobile market is as vast as the Great Plains, anyone with a mobile device can use it to buy a coffee and a doughnut and maybe a sandwich for later on.

This is a bold and big move for the company that was, for a long time, against either debit or credit-based purchases only a few years ago.  In fact, it was only 4 years ago that Tim Hortons accepted the Interac payments in most of their stores.  Two years ago the firm began accepting Visa cards for payment and only last year started to accept American Express!  It is an ever-changing marketplace; the fast food industry and to keep up with the competition Tim Hortons needs to stay at the top of their game.  Maybe this is one step closer to a dominant role across North America?

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[Image via 604now]