Guidecentral is a mobile app that enables you to create and discover projects on your favourite DIY topics.  These can be anything; handmade crafts, homemade recipes and home décor to name a few. The Guidecentral app allows members explore and share craft projects and DIY tutorials. Currently the firm provides an iOS app, which is available from the Apple App Store, but the DIY project and tutorial company is having a makeover and they are launching a brand new app for Android alongside a new and fresh looking website.

The main reason for launching the new Android application today, for smartphones and tablets, is that Guidecentral have a global expansion project – a vision to connect Makers from all over the planet.  The company has said in a press release that some of their best Makers live in countries with high penetration of Android, such as Romania, South Africa, The Philippines and India.


There are over 2,500 guides shared with a growing community of 75,000 crafters.  The Maker Program that pays Makers to share their know-how was launched back in March 2014 and people can make a decent amount of cash from their knowledge.  At the moment, the top Makers are already earning up to $300 per month!

The new Android app is available in 2 different versions for low & high-resolution devices and it is compatible with Android 2.2 and upwards.  Alongside the new app comes an overhaul for the website too, which coincidentally is being launched on the same day as the app. This new look site will include a brand new design and will make it easier for users to discover relevant content. The new Android app can be found over at The Google Play Store.


Guidecentral was founded by fomer YouTube employees and they managed to raise 650k in seed funding.  They now have a team of 8 that are based in the Silicon Docks area of Dublin – Dogpatch Labs, Ireland.

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[Images via guidecentral]