In today’s economic climate, most businesses and everyday persons are trying to do their best to reduce their carbon footprint.  That’s why Cree (a market leading innovator of lighting products) has become so popular.

Cree plans on becoming 100% LED lighting.  But what does this mean?  They want to completely replace fluorescent bulbs in order to drastically reduce energy usage.  Major pieces of the lighting market don’t offer enough LED-based choices.  However, Cree started off their LED lights with the A19 bulb with covered most of the consumer lighting needs.

The Cree LED T8 Flourescent Tube Replacement

Cree also released the BR bulb as well as the PAR38.  They are directional bulbs that are quite popular in homes and offices.  However, Cree has now completely replaced the T8 fluorescent with the LED T8.

Since commercial lighting is half of the market, it was important to keep the design.  However, LED T8’s (as opposed to the fluorescent) has had a slow uptake.  They are pricey and there are limited options.  Also, the new LED bulbs are not very compatible with existing hardware.

Cree’s LED T8 will cost $30 (48-inch size) and it will have a 30% reduction in power usage.  It will also be practically universally compatible so companies and individuals wont have to upgrade their hardware.  The lamp with be in both 3500K and 4000K options.

There will be a five-year warranty and the lamp will last around 50,000 hours. A regular fluorescent T8 may cost approximately $15 but have only 20,000 hours.  So for double the price, you get more than double the hours.  An excellent option as it will also save on energy bills!

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[Image via creebulb]