It has been alleged that China has been targeted by US spies who used internet surveillance to spy on leaders.  They targeted government officials, mobile phone users, and businesses.  Leaders have said the behaviour is “brazen” and a “gross violation of human rights”.

Five Chinese army officers were charged with cyber-espionage by the US.  China Internet Media Research Centre viewed claims made by Edward Snowden, whistleblower, and former National Security Agency contractor, who stated that several agencies of government were ‘spying’ on the US government.

A report written in the Guardian stated: ”As a superpower, the United States takes advantage of its political, economic, military and technological hegemony to unscrupulously monitor other countries, including its allies.  The United States’ spying operations have gone far beyond the legal rationale of ‘anti-terrorism’ and have exposed its ugly face of pursuing self-interest in complete disregard of moral integrity.”

US Surveillance

The violation of international law and human rights were also mentioned.  Beijing were not pleased by this report as they five army officers were accused of illegally accessing many US companies’ trade secrets.  The US is accused of hypocrisy and double standards but has stated that they “had never engaged in any cyber-espionage activities”.

Rumours have been reported that Chinese hackers should have restrictions placed on their visas so that they could not take part in the Def Con and Black Hat hacking conference in Las Vegas, in order to keep the pressure on China after the charging of the 5 Army officials.  However, Chris Wysopal, from the review board for Black Hat conference stated that banning Chinese hackers would be pointless as talks from the conference would be online or sold as DVDs.

Does the ban create peace between China and the US?  It appears that a resolution has not come for these two powers.

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