Here I thought Wal-Mart was taking over the world, and it turns out Google may not be too far behind them. Google seems to be trying their hand at everything, and rather successfully I might add. Just mention the name “Google”, and many products and services will probably come to mind – smartphones, Google Glass, Gmail, search engine, etc. – not to mention them being one of the best (if not the best) company to work for. But one area where you probably don’t think of Google? Home security. That could be changing in the future, though.

It seems Google has been in some stage of talks regarding purchasing a Wi-Fi camera company known as Dropcam. Dropcam is known for crafting small cameras that stream a live video feed to mobile devices and computers. These live feeds can be viewed anywhere from anytime, which is super convenient when you want to check out what’s happening at your home or office while you’re away.

Google Could Soon Protect Your Home

Let Google Protect Your House

This purchase wouldn’t be too out of place for Google, who bought Nest, a company known for their “smart” home technology, earlier this year. Nest is known for their smart thermostats and smart smoke detectors, though several of the latter have been recalled due to various problems. So, Google purchasing Dropcam doesn’t seem all that much of a longshot, and I can totally envision the day when Google helps regulate many of your home’s functions.

It’s unknown at this time how close they are  to making this a done deal, and Techbeat will certainly keep you informed when more updates are available. Until then, what are your thoughts about this possible move? Do you want Google monitoring your home with a Wi-Fi camera?

[Image via SlashGear]