There are plans by Intel to release an ultra thin, two-in-one device powered by Intel’s newest processor chip.   Their procesessor, Broadwell, was delayed for more than a quarter.  But customers can expect to purchase new Broadwell-based hardware just before summer holidays.

Intel plans to jump on the tablet bandwagon hopefully running Google’s Android software.  They also plan to have 2-in-1 designs so that their tablets can use keyboards or simply stay a tablet.  Intel’s president, Renee James, will be giving a keynote in Taipei discussing the plans to make these products more desirable.  Reducing size and weight of tablets is first on the list.

Core M

James plans on showing an extremely thin 2-in-1 prototype that is based on a Broadwell chip called the Core M.  The prototype will have a 12.5 inch screen, will measure at just 7.2 mm in thickness when the keyboard is detached, and weigh just 670 grams.  It will be thinner than Apple’s iPad Air but a bit heavier.  It won’t have a fan either, which is normal in tablets but will save power for Intel’s Core line of chips.

There have been 130 tablets designed on Intel chips already, or will be available this year.  James will also discuss Long-term Evolution (LTE) cellular capability that Intel needs in order to compete with other companies, especially ones like Qualcomm, which is a mobile-chip giant.  Although there is a focus on tablets, Intel is still considering desk-top PCs which gamers still use as they are more powerful.

James will continue her continue her keynote with a discussion on the new model of the Core i7, a high-end line which will operate at up to 4 gigahertz chip for the desktop model.  It can be even faster using over-clocking, a technique that increases power.

[Image via augustinefou]