Most of us now use our smartphones whilst travelling, either for their sat nav functions or for playing music. So naturally we want a device that will keep our phones safe during any journey. We researched what’s most important to people who are looking to purchase a new mount and found that a mount should be: affordable, universal, easy to operate one-handed, secure and not obstruct the view when driving. It’s worth remembering that in some areas windshield mounts are illegal, so we’ve included a number of alternatives in our top ten list of the best smartphone mounts available. Tell us what smartphone mount you like to use in the comments below.

Tetrax Fixway

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The Tetrax Fixway is smaller than most mounts but this is by no means a negative. It can be combined with the iMount mounting plates, allowing you to position your phone flat, which is great if you want to use the mount on your bike as well as in your car.