Well, it’s another week which means there’s another iPhone 6 rumor. This one, though, seems like it might have some merit which is worth talking about. Techbeat just recently reported that Walmart is one of the major retailers offering massive price cuts on their inventories of iPhone 5c’s and 5s’s. In case you missed that article, you can now buy an iPhone 5c for $29, or you can get a 5s for $99. (These deals are only available in physical stores, and you have to also sign a new 2-year contract). While that’s great news about lower prices, that’s probably not the best news. The best news might just be that it’s not going to be too long before something takes the iPhone 5c/5s’s spot on the shelf – namely, the iPhone 6. It seems like Walmart (amidst other retailers) is trying to reduce their inventory load so they can replace it with Apple’s latest offering once it’s available.

And, speaking of its availability, many signs point to it being released in September of this year. Apple seems to like the month of September, as they’ve announced several iPhones during the month in the past. It would seem September would also coincide around the release of their newly designed iOS 8.

iPhone 6 Coming In September?

It has also been widely reported that the iPhone 6 will be the first of the iPhones to come in multiple sizes, ranging from a 4.7 inch screen to a 5.5 inch screen. It seems the smaller of the 2 will be more readily available at least at the time of its release, as the bigger screen appears to require rare sapphire in its construction. The phones will also be slightly more curved (as you can see in the image) than previous models.

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SOURCE: Techspot