It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of a watch you get, they’re all pretty much the same and work in really the same way. In order to see what time it is, you have to look down at your wrist. If you have a digital watch, that’s all there is to it. If you have an analog watch, you’ve got to look at the hands and see what time it is. Either way, you have to look at the watch. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but with all of our other technology evolving, shouldn’t our wristwatches? (And no, I don’t mean all watches turning into smart watches).

If you’ve not yet heard of Ritot, chances are you’ll hear a lot more about it in the future. Ritot looks a lot more like a bracelet than a watch, but it’s a watch and then some. Using a tiny projector, Ritot is able to project the time and other information onto the back of your hand. It works day and night, and even has 20-some color options. Perhaps best of all, Ritot tells you much more than the time.

Check Out The Ritot Projection Watch

With Ritot, all of your smartphone notifications will also vibrate and be projected onto your wrist. Now, each time you get some kind of a notification, you won’t have to pull out your phone to see who’s calling, who’s texting, who’s tweeting, etc. You can just take a look down at hand. Once you see the notification, you can just shake your hand to dismiss it. And if you want to see the time at any time, all you have to do is shake your hand and the time will automatically show up.

Ritot is currently in an Indiegogo campaign, and they’ve already more than doubled their original goal of $50,000. As of this writing, they’ve been pledged $1,027,107.

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SOURCE: Indiegogo