I’ve heard of people calling the police for some awful reasons before, like them getting the wrong items from the drive-thru window, but I have never heard of the police being called for something as meaningless as Facebook crashing; until now, that is. That’s right – at least one police department in the United States has received phone calls when the Facebook site has gone down.

Last Friday, Facebook apparently went down for an extended time. And for some people in Los Angeles County, it proved to be just a little too much for those who may or may not have Facebook addictions. Instead of doing something else online or simply choosing to get away from the phone or the computer for a while, some people began to call the police department to report that Facebook wasn’t working. In case you’re not aware, the police couldn’t care less if Facebook is working or not – they have actual jobs to do. In a classic response to the calls, Sgt. Burton Brink took to Twitter to address the issue(s).

Don't Call The Police When Facebook Crashes

Can you believe that people would actually call the police and report that Facebook isn’t working? What did they expect them to do – go out and arrest Zuckerberg wherever he was? Really, folks, let’s all exercise a little common sense before we decide to call the police.

In other news, Facebook seems to be working today.

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[Image via WFSB]