Apple has a very clever application called, Find My iPhone.  The app can be, and has been, used to help iPhone users locate their lost/misplaced or stolen devices.  Prior to now there have been many interesting stories of how the app was used and how the police got involved and everything turned out well in the end.

Find My iPhone app used for rough justice.

Find My iPhone app used for rough justice.

Those kinds of news reports are great.  The authorities apprehended the thief and the owner of the device received back what rightfully belonged to them.  All is good, right?  But what happens when the Police are not involved and the law is taken into the hands of the victim?  What happens then?  Well, lets just say the end is not ‘all good’.

According to a recent report, a man in the UK was charged with murder after he used the Find My iPhone app to locate the man who was allegedly responsible for stealing his son’s iPhone at knifepoint.  The father, Derek Grant tracked down the person who had allegedly stolen the phone and made demands for it to be returned.

However the man pulled a knife, stabbed Grant and blinded him in one eye. According to Grant, this was what caused him to act in self-defense and draw out his own knife he was carrying, upon which he then repeatedly stabbed the thief. The man was found later and taken to a hospital where he died of cardiac arrest.

Since the incident Grant has pleaded to culpable homicide at the High Court in Glasgow, Scotland and made a statement to the court, “I wish to declare for the record that at the time of this ­incident, I was acting in self-defense.” Grant is currently awaiting sentencing in next month.

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[Image via: nbcnews]