Parents teach their children to memorize their phone number(s) from an early age so that they can call them if they’re ever lost or have an emergency, and that’s definitely a wise thing to do. Now, smartphones can do the same thing – if they’re running the newest version of Android at least. In a new update to the Android Device Manager, there’s a new setting that allows you to add a message and a phone number to your lock screen in the event your phone gets misplaced.

Say you’ve lost your phone and an honest person happens upon it. Since they want to do the right thing, they try to unlock it to see who it belongs to so they can get it back to its owner. They’ll have two options: enter a correct passcode to unlock the phone, or call the rightful owner. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Lost Android Phones Can Now Call Their Owners

Help Your Lost Phone Find Its Way Home!

If you’ve ever lost your phone somewhere, then you know how frustrating of an experience it can be. There are, of course, options out there to find your phone remotely, but that doesn’t always enable you to get it back. This new update sounds like a good step forward, but obviously it only works if someone who finds your phone wants to help get it back to you.

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SOURCE: Digital Trends