If you are a Mac owner, then chances are, that you may not be too concerned with Viruses and Malware as your PC using friends are. For a number of years, Mac users have relied upon the fact that Apple Macs were not that widespread and most malicious attacks were targeted at Windows machines.  Time marches on and so does the threat of malware for Mac OS X.

Malware for Mac OS is becoming more and more prevalent.

Malware for Mac OS is becoming more and more prevalent.

ClamXav is one of numerous antivirus programs that are aimed specifically at Mac users. The application is free, and it is built around ClamAV, so it has the support of a well-established open source community.  The application is designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive. You can quickly quarantine or trash a file with a single click, and the Sentry service will act as a constant disk monitor without dragging the performance of your machine down. ClamXav is ideal for Mac users who want simple protection and minimum fuss.

Benefits include:

Scheduled updates and definition downloads, making it unlikely that any of your work will be interrupted.  A list of favourite scan locations.  An easy-to-edit exclusions database that’s easy for a novice to get to grips with.  Scanning of all files or a small sub-section of files.

The following changes have been undertaken in this version of ClamXav (2.6.4):

ClamXav now supports going full screen on OS X 10.7+.
Fixed issue where ClamXav might incorrectly report a file being moved to quarantine.
Fixed issue where ClamXav would crash if the RunFreshclam tool was missing.
Fixed issue where clamdscan gets stuck in a loop using 100% CPU.
Improvements for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

You can download  ClamXav 2.6.4 from FileHippo.com today.

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