Elon Musk is not letting investors have it their way, when asked about his third venture, SpaceX, going public, Musk claims he has repeatedly called off plans to go public, due to his end goal plan of establishing a martian city.

Like something straight out of a Ray Bradbury work, Musk believes that in the near future, once space flight becomes similar to trains or planes, people will be able to come and go from Mars, the same way they come and go from the United States and other countries.


This is an ambitious project to say the least, but requires one thing out of Musk’s control – someone creating reusable space travel. SpaceX is working hard, along with other space companies, to try and build the first spaceship to come back and forth from the Earth, without needing to be rebuilt or scrapped after one journey.

This will be the turn of the space age, currently spaceships have one journey and maybe some parts return back to Earth, but if we are to establish colonies on Mars, the Moon and potentially other planets, we need spaceships that can continue to work for decades.

The goal to create a Martian colony has been thought of before, even though the temperature in Mars can hit -153 degrees Celsius at night. If bases are set up with their own crop-lands and air/temperature, it could work out for humans.

Terraforming Mars has been documented quite extensively, if humans are able to work on small crops on land and make the land fertile, it might breed a whole new planet for humans to live on.

We have already seen plans for small colonies on Mars, set for the 2020 decade. Hopefully by that time, fuel and reusability will not be an issue, and organisations like SpaceX, NASA and Boeing will be able to work on better spaceships and space stations on Mars.