Have you ever been driving and just needed a break? Who am I kidding – anyone who’s ever driven more than a couple miles in their life has wanted to take a break from the wheel while they are behind the wheel. Needless to say, though, taking that kind of a break while driving can be slightly dangerous, both for yourself and any other drivers and/or pedestrians in the path of your vehicle. Oh, cruise control is wonderful for all it does, but it’s still a but limited, especially when you really need a break from controlling the car. Enter General Motors (GM) to the rescue! They have announced they they fully expect to have a couple options for hands-free Cadillacs available sometime in the year 2016. They’ll even be able to communicate with similar cars on the road using Wi-Fi to share road and traffic information.

Calling this hands-free feature “Super Cruise”, it will allow a driver to take a break from steering and using the gas and brake pedal, and the car will automatically drive itself down the road, staying in the correct lane while also avoiding other vehicles. GM expects this feature to be especially useful in traffic jams or while coasting down a highway.

GM Expects Hands-Free Cars By 2016

While Super Cruise will allow drivers to take a slight break from the road, they must still pay attention to everything that’s going on (duh!) in case they need to take back control. So, while it will let you stretch for feet and your back, you’ll still need to keep your brain as alert and focused as if you were doing everything yourself.

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[Image via Mashable]