Last week it was reported that Microsoft was going to release an all-in-one universal keyboard that allows you to connect up to three devices at the same time. It was surprising, however, to learn the Microsoft product was going to be open to Android devices and iOS as well as Windows!

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Microsoft is making dynamic steps to allow their products to be open to other operating systems.  This looks as though it seems to be the way forward for Microsoft as they have just announced the release of their wireless display adapter, which also works on Windows, Android and iOS.

The device is called Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter.  Basically it’s their version of Chromecast.  The devices itself comes in a small HDMI dongle shape that is very similar to a Chromecast. But, one of the differences between the two devices is that the Wireless Display Adapter sports an attached USB lead. Some are worried that it may lead to issues such as cable breakage and thereby device replacement would ensue.

Additionally, the lead is not very long, meaning you can only power the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter from the device you are using. So because of this if the USB and HDMI sockets are not near each other you will need a USB extension lead.

A great feature is the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will cast anything you like onto your screen. It works in the same manner that Chromecast support does, unlike Chromecast it does not rely on applications. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will lcast any content from your device to your big screen. This is accomplished using the devices’ Miracast feature.