Hiut Denim has become a new place to check out touch screen displays.  The denim retailer has just transformed one of their shop windows into a display, which doubles as an informative touch screen.

Hiut Denim Interactive Window Display

Hiut Denim Interactive Window Display

The process has been accomplished using conductive ink that was painted onto the window. The Hiut Denim Co used Bare Conductive Paint, this allows an electrical current to be transported along it, in much the same way that a wire does.

The firm behind the outfitting, Knit, has claimed this is the first time that conductive ink has been used as part of “an in-store retail installation”.

A person can place their hands on each of the pictures that are displayed in the window to activate an audio guide. The user can choose relevant pictures to hear more about the product or the story behind the brand. The information form a hand’s touch is detected by an Arduino microcontroller that is in the store. The glass display that is being used, could be cheaply added to transport information points such as bus stops, or tourist information points and provide users with maps to make interacting with information points more informative.

The Huit Denim Company was created in on of Britain’s former denim manufacturing locations. The firm was created to give employment to those who lost such, when factories shut down, says Knit. Interestingly the jeans are made with a coin pocket, which can fit the latest iPhone, and when a new model is released, the denims are redesigned.

The installation has just opened and is being trialled for a period of one month at the Rivet & Hyde shop on Windmill Street in London.

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