Bad vision is no fun at all – take it from someone who has a convergence disorder and whose eyes want to do opposing things all the time. It’s incredibly frustrating constantly having to focus your eyes all the time when you want to see clearly. Oh, glasses help a little bit, but they can only do so much. And, as many of you undoubtedly already know, wearing glasses is a bit of a pain. Literally. At the end of the day, both my ears and my nose are a little sore if I’ve worn the glasses for most of the day. Thankfully, the genius folks at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been hard at work creating a “glass” that replaces your glasses – at least when you’re using your smartphone, your tablet, your e-reader, your car, etc.

Forget About Glasses - Use MIT's Magic Glass!

What many are dubbing the “magic glass”, is simply that – a glass-like piece that covers the surface of your device. Essentially, instead of wearing the glasses on your face, your device gets to wear them and the whole vision-improvement thing works backwards. When you look through the glass, you see a perfect image; when someone else looks through the same glass, they see a blurry image, much like what happens when someone looks through your prescription glasses. Each glass would be tailored to each individual user.

It remains to be seen how far MIT will take this, or when it will be ultimately available. Wouldn’t it be something if one day the windshields of our vehicles were specifically crafted based on our unique optical needs?

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[Image via MIT]