CleanMyMac is a simple yet powerful tool for cleaning up your Mac and optimizing its performance. The interface is very easy to get to grips with; it has simple one-click functionality; your entire Mac is scanned in order to locate files that are either no longer in use or have just been forgotten.

Is it time you freshened up your Mac?

Is it time you freshened up your Mac?

As well as junk files, CleanMyMac can detect large files, which have remained unopened for a considerable period of time, for example movies and .dmg files. These files however, will only be deleted if it’s 100% safe to do so, thereby saving you the worry of losing important data.

CleanMyMac gives you the ability to manage your applications and extensions. It can assist you to completely uninstall Mac apps, which are no longer being used or that simply are not compatible with your Mac anymore. You can also remove Widgets, plugins and preference panes.

The following updates and changes have been undertaken in this latest version of Clean My Mac:

*New Features
-Official support of OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
-Updated Knowledge Base to version 1.21.

*Bug Fixes
-Correct enabling/disabling of Safari Extensions on Yosemite.
-Yosemite-style full screen switching behaviour added.
-Correct detection of Login Items on Yosemite.
-All UI issues fixed on Yosemite.
-Fixed wrong scrollbar behaviour in all lists.
-Fixed crash on attempt to preview RAW photos in iPhoto Cleanup.
-Numerous localization improvements.
-All known crashes fixed.

So if you are looking for a fresh new Mac then why not clean out your old one, with Clean My Mac. You can download CleanMyMac from today.

[Image via etherealnyc]