Look out, world – some Japanese fans of Transformers have created a working, real-life Transformer, and they have plans to make larger ones in the future. Their current model, called the J-deite Quarter, is about four feet tall and is able to walk around, move its head, transform itself into a car, and if that wasn’t enough, it can also drive itself around. It’s creators, Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki, have plans to make their next Transformer somewhere around eight feet tall.

The Japanese Have Built A Working Transformer

It’s not clear right now why they’re doing this, other than it being an awesome idea, and we’re not really sure what they plan on doing with the eight foot Transformer once its completed. He probably won’t be fighting crime, though, as the current statistics aren’t really all that in its favor. Still, though, it’s pretty neat to see it in action. Check out a clip below:

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[Image via Slashgear]

SOURCE: Techcrunch