Japan is on of the most interesting countries one can visit. They have thousands of years of history, fascinating architecture and fantastic food. They are also behind some of the worlds most forward thinking technologies. Take for instance the Maglev trains. These bullet trains are some of the most aerodynamically designed trains on earth and can currently reach speeds greater than 200mph.


That isn’t quick enough for some folks, though. The Japanese government has recently approved a new train that is faster. In fact, it is a great deal faster. When it is constructed it will be the world’s fastest passenger train, when it finally comes into service.

The new train is called JR Tokai and will be used on the 180-mile distance of track between Tokyo and Nagoya. The existing bullet train that travel between those two locations attains speeds of 200mph and it completes the journey in 100 minutes. The new JR Tokai train will travel at speeds of 300mph! This means the same journey will be completed in only 40 minutes.

The new train is not expected to come into service for quite a while yet. People are going to have to wait until 2027 until the project is expected to finally get off the ground. The Central Japan Railway Co. will own and operate the line, which they are hoping to extend the service in the future and expand the line to Osaka in 2045. The Tokyo to Nagoya line is expected to come online in 2027 is going to cost $50 billion.

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[Image via en.wikipedia]

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