Microsoft has announced it will be launching a flagship store in New York City. The store will hold all of Microsoft’s products and some from its third party partners in mobile, tablet and PC.

This is as best a time as any for Microsoft to announce a flagship store, with the acquisition of Nokia, they need a physical storefront to get their products out in the open. Microsoft also uses their store for demos of new software and services.

The Xbox One also plays a big factor in retail stores, even if Microsoft seems to be dividing the gaming division, separating it from the main software provider. Surface has not seen the same marketing since the failure of the original Windows RT, but is one of the main products at Microsoft’s stores.


In the United States and Canada, Microsoft operates 104 retail stores, along with some stores-in-stores in China, where Microsoft is trying to keep their PC presence and expand their mobile and tablet sales.

The flagship store will be on 667 Fifth Avenue in New York City, a prime spot for Microsoft. This is not the first time Microsoft has used New York City as their base of operations, when the original Windows RT launched, there was a huge display on at Times Square.

Just a few blocks from where the Microsoft store will be set up, there is an Apple store. Apple has had more success in the retail space, thanks in part due to Steve Jobs’ large investment in the design of their stores and building a new customer experience.

Microsoft’s main store might not boost them to Apple’s level when it comes to retail sales, but we expect with the Nokia acquisition and Xbox One, stores will become more interesting.

[Image via Microsoft]