I few months ago, here at TechBeat News, we published an article regarding a new hotel concept by Whitbread Hotels (they own the Premier Inn chain).  These ‘smart’ hotel rooms enable customers to interact with them using smart devices.

Hub: Smart hotel rooms controlled via your Smartphone.

Hub: Smart hotel rooms controlled via your Smartphone.

Well, the time has now arrived as Hub has just opened the doors of their first hotel in a new series of high-tech places to spend the night. Hub by Premier Inn, is awash in gadgets and smart devices, which can be controlled by you through an application on your smartphone or tablet.

The first Hub is located in London’s Covent Garden and bookings are now being taken; they can be made through the dedicated app. This same app can be used in your hotel room to control the features inside. The app lets you change the channels on the Smart TV,  set the room temperature and the lighting as well. There is even a detailed local area guide, which is enhanced through augmented reality, as part of the app. Each room has a 40-inch TV and there is free high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

Simon Ewins, business development director for Whitbread Hotels & Restaurants, said: “Apps are already revolutionising the way we order our groceries, book taxis, and check-in at airports, it was only a matter of time before the hotel experience followed suit…With hub by Premier Inn, we believe we’ve created a first-class technology-enhanced hotel experience, without compromising price, style or comfort.”

The Hub will be available from November.  A further 10 Hub(s) by Premier Inn hotels are planning to open their doors over the next three year period. The Hub app, by Premier Inn, is available for iPhone iPad, iPod touch and Android.

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SOURCE: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/131162-is-hub-by-premier-inn-london-s-most-technologically-advanced-hotel