Apple are notoriously tight lipped when it comes to their products.  In fact when leaks or mistakes do occur, the company tends to come down on the individuals responsible with an iron fist.  Either that or they turn spin the issue into a part of their Keynote speech! When a product is released though, the guys at Cupertino tend to make a large noise about how good their products are. They also give full specifications during the Keynote presentations at the product launch. Apple have, it seems, failed to mention that iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will be able to play 4K videos.

It has been reported by that the developers of the WALTR video upload app discovered this great news whilst testing their app. At the moment you are not able to transfer 4K files using iTunes. If you want to transfer this kind of file then you will have to use an alternative service to get transfer them to the new model iPhones.

The quality of the media will be limited by the screen resolution, so I guess the larger and higher screen resolution iPhone 6 Plus is a better device for viewing 4K videos than the iPhone 6.

Although the iPhone 6 can’t shoot 4K video, it is a pretty cool feature. Because of this and wild rumours that the iPhone 7 will be getting a camera boost, (it may allow shooting in 4K video), Apple appear to not be touting this is a main feature of their flagship device.

With the new iMac Retina 5K display,  it is pretty clear that Apple is looking to higher resolutions in their products.

[Image via tecmundo]