People are taking their Facebook friends way too seriously these days. I’ve read about some crazy things that happened because of Facebook, but this one almost takes the cake! A 72-year-old woman from Florida was recently slapped in the face over and over by her granddaughter (a 27-year-old) who wanted to be her friend on Facebook. After Grandma refused the friend request, (because she thought her granddaughter’s Facebook name was inappropriate) she was allegedly subsequently assaulted by her. Sounds like she had a good reason to deny the friend request!

Grandma Assaulted For Not Friending Granddaughter On Facebook

As a result of the assault, the granddaughter was arrested and booked on a battery charge against an elderly person.

I realize it hurts a little when someone denies your friend request – but that doesn’t mean you go and beat the tar out of the other person – especially if they’re fifty years your elder and one of your grandparents! What is this world coming to? (It’s a rhetorical question, and I’m a little afraid to know the full answer).

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below! Oh, don’t forget to be wary about what you do on Facebook!

[Image via Digital Trends]

SOURCE: Digital Trends