I love listening to music with headphones; I just think it sounds so much better. However, it seems like every time I grab my headphones to put them in my ears, they are jumbled together in 50 different knots. Whether this is due to my 3-year-old messing with them or if it’s just their nature, I don’t know. All I know is by the time I get them untangled and head out the door, the sun has about gone down for the day and there isn’t much daylight left for me to enjoy. I’ve yet to get myself a pair of Bluetooth headphones, but I’m getting close to making that decision, especially now that I’ve heard of the Helios headphones. Now, you can’t buy Helios in the store yet; as of right now they’re trying to get their start on Kickstarter, but I have no doubt their concept will eventually take off. Obviously, since they operate with Bluetooth 4.0 inside of them they are wireless, but that’s not what’s most impressive about them – what’s most impressive is that they can be charged with sunlight. Until recently, I’d never heard of such a thing as solar headphones.

Helios Headphones Get Charged By The Sun

They look similar to other headphones on the market, except that there’s a solar panel on top, but from the pictures I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem too obnoxious or out of place. You can get a half-hour of music time with an hour’s charge from the sun, and once they’re fully charged they claim to last some 15 hours. (Don’t worry – you don’t have to charge the headphones for 30 hours outside – you can also plug them into the wall for a more convenient charge). But speaking of convenience, what’s more convenient than having them charge while you’re on a walk outdoors? The hardest part’s putting them on your head in the first place!

Feel free to peruse their Kickstarter page here.

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[Image via CNET]

SOURCE: Kickstarter