I don’t know if you do much writing during the day, but in this technological world we live in, it’s hard to write without getting distracted. I love my Macbook, but it’s connected to my iPhone, which means that every time I get any kind of a notification on my iPhone, I also get it on my Macbook. Also, with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite (which in many ways I love, by the way), my iPhone now rings through my Macbook. While all of this is at times incredibly convenient, it doesn’t make it any easier for me to completely focus on what I’m writing. But there’s a new mobile keyboard/computer making the rounds on Kickstarter right now that might just be every serious writer’s dream come true; it’s called the Hemingwrite (you know, as in Hemingway – of the Ernest variety), and all it allows you to do is write. There aren’t any Facebook notifications, text messages, calendar appointments, or phone calls you have to wade through while you’re trying to concentrate; and sometimes, that’s what you need if you ever hope to get anything accomplished.

Hemingwrite: A New Computer For Writing

The Hemingwrite looks a little like an old-style typewriter with a small digital screen. But don’t let it’s look fool you – this baby is equipped with an e-ink screen, Wi-Fi, and more cloud storage and memory than you can shake a stick at. Don’t worry – the Wi-Fi’s only there so it can back up everything you type to the cloud – and, if you find yourself without a Wi-Fi connection for a while, the Hemingwrite can store around a million pages of text with no problems. In case you’re wondering, that’s a whole lot of pages. It can also tell you your word count, etc.

As of this writing, it has met $178,902 of its $250,000 goal, and you can view the Kickstarter page here if you’d like to get in on an early-bird special.

What do you think?

[Image via Engadget]