LG Display, have just created a new division that has been tasked with developing OLED panels. The team are proactively promoting the technology even more aggressively then previously and the new OLED division will exclusively focus on commercialising OLED technology, the company has said.

The South Korean technology firm has been very vocal about their ambition to be the market leader in OLED TV’s LG’s  nemesis, Samsung electronics, have opted for QD LCD technology on their TV’s from 2015, citing a low demand for OLED. LG don’t seem to think so as they are expected to release even more OLED TV models in over the next year.

The company’s CTO Yeo Sang-deog, will head up the new division. Yeo Sang-deog  was recently promoted to president from executive vice president for expanding the client base in TVs and mobile and also his contribution in securing LG’s OLED leadership.

Any and all OLED related projects will now come under the new division’s umbrella. It is also understood that a new department to manage OLED buying clients has also been created.

In order to meet the laws of supply and demand, LG is also about to quadruple their OLED panel production form this month in a massive effort to bring down the price of OLED TVs, thereby making them more attractively priced for consumers. Currently the company’s 55-inch OLED TV stands at almost 3 million won ($2,765).

LG are also working very hard to minimize the burn-in effects; one of the biggest denigrator to the hailed technology. this happens when some images are left “stuck” on the screen when they are on-screen for long periods of time. It’s the same principle as to why we have screensavers on desktop and laptop computers.

LG have said that products that are already marketed don’t have the issue and that research and development were working to permanently resolve the problem.

[Image via businesskorea]

SOURCE: http://hothardware.com/news/lg-creates-separate-division-to-spur-oled-development