I love playing games on my iPhone; I always have, and I probably always will. While Angry Birds wasn’t all that hard to play with the touchscreen, other, more advanced games were a little harder to master. Games such as Six Guns and Man of Steel were not all that easy to conquer while using the screen on my iPhone 5s. They weren’t hard to play, per se, but I did find myself hitting the wrong button quite a bit, and after a while that gets to be pretty frustrating, especially when you’ve played the same level several times in a row. Thankfully, Apple seems to have heard the complaints of the masses, as they’ve just patented a snap-on controller that will give the iPhone a D-Pad, an analog stick, and actual buttons to help with mobile gaming. It turns out they’re working on ideas for several iPhone accessories, including QWERTY keyboards and even trackpads.

Apple Gets Patent For Snap-On iPhone Controller

While the keyboards and trackpads sound nice and all, I’m actually much more excited about the game controller. I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but mobile gaming has upped the ante as of late – those games don’t look (or play) half bad.

I’ve been pleased with the games I’ve played on my phone, as some of them seem near console quality. (Notice I said “near” console quality – there’s always room for improvement). And, with the addition of a snap-on controller, mobile gaming will be easier than ever.

It’s unknown when (and, sadly, if) Apple will get these devices on store shelves – all they have now is a patent. But we can always hope, right? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

SOURCE/Image: Techcrunch