Apple Pay is starting to turn heads in the contactless payment market, in the U.S. 90 percent of banks are working with Apple on the mobile payment solution, and more retailers are coming to the fold everyday. In order to keep growing, Apple needs to expand its borders, and one of the first regions may be the U.K. Reports say almost all banks are ready to accept the service, but one major bank is not playing ball.

Apple Pay

The bank has not been named, but is currently “uncomfortable with the amount of information Apple wants” to add to its payment service.

Apple Pay allows users to skip the normal payment in stores and online, by either tapping their smartphone on the contactless payment receiver or clicking once on the online store, to pay instantly for all goods. This removes the bank provider from the equation, and Apple takes a small slice each time a transaction is made.

Apple has announced the payment service will be coming to the U.K. in 2015, but as to when in the year, it is still unrevealed. It might be a matter of the one UK bank getting over its differences with Apple, in order to make Apple Pay available in the country.

Apple Pay will be coming to a select few places in Europe, alongside China with the help of Alibaba and some other regions in South-East Asia. Apple needs to work with banks and retailers before launching in a region, to avoid users losing interest in the service.