Google is eyeing up its own wireless service in the U.S., utilizing T-Mobile and Sprint’s network to establish an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) in the country.

Google Sign

The ambitious project would allow Google to offer broadband, TV and wireless in one package, something AT&T and Verizon Wireless are both able to offer on shared plans.

The MVNO is part of an even larger deployment of new wireless services, including Project Loon, SkyBox Imaging and the $1 billion investment in Elon Musk’s SpaceX.

Even though details are scarce, Google will reportedly try to undercut T-Mobile and Sprint with new pricing plans, and might push for a loss to get more Android adoption in the U.S.

Google may also offer free bandwidth for its own services, meaning users can watch YouTube and chat on Hangouts for free. This would make it harder for competitors to gain an edge on mobile.

The wireless network is very close to being complete according to The Information, who claims Google wanted to launch the service last fall, but were delayed due to unsuspected details.

Google is slowly pushing to take over broadband and wireless, using its own Google Fiber service to promote super-fast broadband. Google Fiber has pushed talks for more municipal wireless deployment, and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is looking to remove barriers for community broadband projects banned in 19 states.

The wireless service could be a temporary solution for Google, as it continues testing SkyBox Imaging and SpaceX’s low-orbit satellites for broad wireless service. Project Loon will be another way to provide satellite internet to mobile, although this project looks to be focused on undeveloped regions.