Chip provider Qualcomm has revealed the LG G Flex 2 will be coming to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this month.

The original G Flex interested a lot of tech fans, who wanted to see a curved smartphone that was not a prototype. Samsung and LG went head on in the curved phone market, and LG came out on top. There were a few noticeable problems with the LG G Flex however, mostly the fact the curved display did not add any real value to the smartphone experience.

LG Flex 4

Hopefully with the LG G Flex 2, the South Korean manufacturer will have found a few real uses for the curved display, instead of gimmicky features, which wear out after a few days.

Curved screens were all the rage at CES 2014, with several manufacturers showing off 4K curved TVs, but only Samsung and LG showed smartphones with the same capability.

It is unclear if Samsung will continue its own line of curved phones, the Galaxy Round did not launch outside of South Korea, and reports said it did not sell well inside the home country.

The LG G Flex at least sold more than 100,000 units worldwide, but that does not make a prime candidate for annual revamp.