Netflix showed the premiere of House of Cards Season 3 at the Golden Globes, following an acceptance speech by Kevin Spacey for the Best Actor in Drama for Frank Underwood on House of Cards.


In his acceptance speech, Spacey took the persona of Underwood, claiming “This is the beginning of my revenge.” Against who, we do not know, but when we left off [spoilers] Underwood had been elected President of the United States, following a set of complex moves to remove the current President from office.

Underwood has various issues he needs to solve, including the disappearance journalist Zoe Barnes and the various promises he made to get into the President’s seat. Becoming President presents its own challenges as well, and Season 3 looks to go deeper into international territory, including events with Russia.

House of Cards has been overshadowed in the past few months by Netflix’s new original programs, Orange is the New Black and Marco Polo, both gaining major popularity among Netflix subscribers, even though the critical reception to Marco Polo has been lukewarm.

However, House of Cards has always been a home favorite in the U.S., with fans loving the anti-hero/villain Frank Underwood for his devotion to reaching the pinnacle of power, and not letting anything or anyone stand in his way.

Netflix will launch the full season in one swoop on February 27, allowing every subscriber to check out the latest season and binge watch. It is not clear if House of Cards will have a fourth season, although if ratings continue to stand strong it looks likely to be the case.