I don’t know how you feel about it, but sometimes the common USB cable/connector can be quite annoying, especially when you’re in a hurry to plug the thing into the port. Inevitably, it seems like no matter which way you try it the first time, it’s always backwards and you have to flip it over and try again. It’s true whether it’s your smartphone charging cord, your flash drive, or a random USB cable you hook up to your computer; they’re sometimes more complicated than they should be. (At the same time, though, if we’re being honest, they’re not all that hard to plug in correctly). But, since they are a tad bit more complicated than they should be, the USB cables of the future are getting quite the nice upgrade – they’re going completely reversible. That’s right – the USB Type-C cable will fit no matter which end of the cable is facing up.

New USB Type-C Cable Will Soon Be Released

When Apple began using this “type” of reversible charging cable (lightning cable) with the iPhone 5, many people were annoyed that they’d have to buy all new accessories, etc. But, with the passing of time, many iPhone users have seen that the benefits of the reversible plug far outweigh the cons. I have no doubt it will be the same with the new Type-C USB cables. Besides the reversibility of them, they’ll also be a lot more powerful than their predecessors of the the USB 3.0 variety.

The new cables were one of the highlights at CES this year, so we know they’ll soon be forthcoming, although an exact date isn’t readily available at this time.

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[Image via Omicrono]

SOURCE: Extreme Tech