Apple’s been hard at work on their next mobile and desktop operating system updates, and while we don’t yet know everything that’s coming with those updates, we do know at least one thing they’ve been creating: Ethnically diverse emojis. In other words, they’re making more than just “white people” emojis to more accurately represent the ethnic diversity all around us. Sounds good, right?

Apple Creates New Diverse Emojis

Some screenshots from the forthcoming update have been leaked to the web, and they show faces and hands available in all different kinds of skin tones. Apparently, if you hold down on one of the emojis, an option will appear which will let you pick out a certain skin color for it. (Much like the different options you get if you hold down certain letters while typing). All in all, it seems like Apple is going to give us six different skin colors to choose from, so hopefully the one you want to use will be one of the choices!

What do you think? Did you ever think this was a problem before?

[Image via TheDailyEdge]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech