I haven’t purchased a drone yet, but someday I hope to own one. Having written several stories about them, I like to think I have some kind of an idea of what to do vs. what not to do with one of the small flying machines. For instance – I know not to fly it near a hospital window, over any sort of water while having a low battery, on the White House lawn, or anywhere where it might anger a bird of prey. But there’s one thing I’d definitely want to do almost as soon as I unpackaged the drone, and that would be to turn it into the Millennium Falcon – from Star Wars, of course. And since there’s a new Star Wars film opening in theaters this December, there really isn’t a better time to transform your ordinary drone into something from a galaxy far, far away.

You Can Build Your Own Millennium Falcon Drone

A YouTube user by the name of Oliver C made a custom quadcopter drone, and outfitted it with a custom Millennium Falcon casing for it. He also posted a neat video showing off the Falcon drone, which you can see below.

You can’t buy it right now, but you can build it, as Oliver C has posted the directions for anyone brave enough to attempt it.

What do you think? Do you think you’d be able to build it?

[Image via CNET]

SOURCE: Digital Trends