If your daily travels are anything like mine, then you probably see more people glued to their phones while driving than not. It’s only curious to wonder what they’re doing – texting, taking pictures, getting directions, asking Siri a question, actually having a phone conversation with someone else – the possibilities are near endless. If a recent survey has anything to say about it, though, there’s a good chance they might be browsing their Facebook while going down the road. In fact, a recent survey compiled in the UK shows that Facebook might just be responsible for a 50% increase since 2008 of drivers using their phones while behind the wheel.

More And More Drivers Are Using Facebook On The Road

The survey shows that young(er) folks between the ages of 17-29 are the biggest culprits, and big surprise here at least for me – men apparently do it more than women. If you’d like to read the full survey, please click here.

Unfortunately, These numbers don’t surprise me at all, and I know it’s common sense, but there’s nothing so important on a Facebook Newsfeed that should jeopardize your safety or anyone else’s on the road. It can wait until the car is parked – just like the texts, tweets, and any other notifications that go off while you’re driving. Your life is so much more important that whatever is going on with your smartphone.

[Image via Telegraph]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech