Some people watch the Super Bowl for the football. Some people watch it for the commercials. Heck, some people just watch it for the halftime show. And then, there are those who watch it just to see what famous faces they can spot in the stands. This year, though, at Super Bowl XLIX, the most popular person in the stands had to have been Kanye West. He also seems to be the most irritated, annoyed, and flat-out bored person who was lucky enough to attend the big game. Several fans tried to take selfies with him and wife Kim Kardashian, but he made a point of looking mad at the world in pretty much every photo. As a result, several people began to Photoshop the sad/annoyed/uninterested Kanye face into the biggest moments of the Super Bowl, and the results are pretty great.

But first, an original photo:

Kanye Super Bowl Memes Take Over The Internet

And now, some fan-made photos:

Kanye Super Bowl Memes Take Over The Internet

Touchdown? Who Cares?

And another:


Kanye Super Bowl Memes Take Over The Internet

“I’ve got the eye of the Kanye…”

While these few pics are just a sampling, simply Google Sad Kanye at the Super Bowl and you can find lots more where these came from.

[Images via People, SBNation]