LG is preparing to launch its third generation smartwatch at this year’s Mobile World Congress —the Watch Urbane—an even more refined all-metal design with a circular display similar to the G Watch R and Moto 360.


It comes ahead of the Apple Watch launch in April, but LG is not too afraid of the competition, clearly interested in investing a lot of time into making gorgeous watches.

Watch Urbane offers a metal watch-face in silver or gold and once again the strap is a simple leather band, which can be removed and replaced with whatever the user wants.

Internally, the Watch Urbane will run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, 410 mAh battery and will be fitted with all different types of health and fitness sensors.

It will run on Google’s Android Wear platform, featuring several LG watch-faces. Android Wear has not been the killer smartwatch platform some thought it would be, failing to surpass one million sales in 2014.

It is surprising how quickly LG’s wearable went from a plastic geeky smartwatch to a real fashion accessory. The original G Watch launched mid-2014 to mediocre reviews, the G Watch R came six months later with a refined design, now the Watch Urbane looks to cap off LG’s excellent first year.

Even with the huge investment, LG is still behind Motorola in overall smartwatch sales, and fitness band makers like Xiaomi, FitBit and Jawbone continue to hold an edge over the electronics giant.

This could be the year for LG to break out with the new Watch Urbane, but unless the South Korean-based company spends big on advertising it might go under the rug like the G Watch R.

It is also going to be hard for the Watch Urbane to hold its own against the Apple Watch, considering Apple is preparing 30 million units for 2015.