Being the father of a 3-year old daughter, I’ve had to improve upon my pancake making skills which were virtually nonexistent before I became a parent. Now, I am proud to say I can make Mickey Mouse pancakes, sprinkle pancakes, heart pancakes…and the list pretty well stops right about there. I’m no pancake expert by any means, but I can do well enough to please my daughter. But you know what I can’t make out of a pancake? Star Wars characters. There are no Darth Vader or Yoda pancakes at our breakfast table, but there could soon be thanks to an actual Star Wars pancake printer made by a man named Miguel Valenzuela from Norway. (It’s officially called the Pancake Bot).

Man Creates Star Wars Pancake Printer

As I’ve said many times lately, it seems everyone is doing whatever they can cash in on the Star Wars name now that new movies are being prepped for release. (It remains to be seen how official licensing will/will not play a part with this pancake printer). As of right now, this particular printer will create custom pancakes modeled after R2-D2 and Boba Fett, and hopefully other iconic characters will be added in the future if this whole project isn’t inevitably shut down by Disney.

With the growth of 3D printing, we should’ve known it wouldn’t take long before other specialized printers came into the kitchen as well.

Honestly, I don’t think breakfast can ever be the same once you’ve eaten a Star Wars pancake; it sets the bar a little high.

You can watch a clip of the printer below.