The current state of the wearable market means a smartphone always had to be connected, but wearables maker Neptune is hoping to turn the tables with its new Hub and Pocket, the wearable and display for the Neptune Duo.


The Neptune Hub wearable houses most of the technology normally found on a smartphone, while the Pocket acts as a dumbed down screen, utilizing the needs of a 5-inch display.

Switching the importance around is part of a strategy by 20-year old creator Simon Tian to change the state of the mobile industry, making the wearable the key part and the display a throwaway.

The Pocket is simply just an interface for users, allowing them to type a message quicker, access applications, or play games, while the Hub allows users to make phone calls.

It is not clear why anyone would want to swap the importance around, other than the fact it is harder to lose a wearable, which is a pretty shoddy excuse for losing several inches of screen real-estate.

The move also means things like games would be heavily impacted, meaning any mobile gamers will either have to buy another smartphone or endure through the Neptune Hub—unless the Pocket offers gaming controls on the display.

Neptune originally gained $800,000 (£520,970) for its first wearable, but has since worked on the Neptune Duo to expand the functionality of the Hub. It might take a bit more to draw customers over to Tian’s new way of thinking about wearables.

The Neptune Duo will be available for $649 (£422), and early birds can pick it up for $498 (£324). Neptune is offering several ways to pay for the duo, including down payments.