Calling all padawans and wannabe Jedi Knights: The day is almost here when you’ll be able to design and create your own custom lightsaber! As diehard fans undoubtedly already know, creating a lightsaber is one of the final tasks a Jedi has to complete before he or she can become a “full” Jedi. Thanks to a new forthcoming custom lightsaber kit, kids and adults alike will soon be able to embrace their destiny like never before. Okay, I might as well go ahead and be completely honest – you can’t build a “real” lightsaber yet, but you will be able to craft the next best thing. (Maybe one day we’ll have real ones!)

You'll Soon Be Able To Build Your Own Custom Lightsaber

In anticipation of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, Hasbro has developed what they’re touting as the Star Wars Bladebuilders kit. If the photos are any kind of accurate, it looks like you’ll be able to build almost whatever kind of lightsaber you want, even if it seems a bit unpractical. (If you’ve seen the trailer for The Force Awakens, though, you know there’s a lightsaber for every season, even if it doesn’t look like it’d work in a real fight). For certain styles of blades, though, you might have to buy a separate kit. It looks like there’s even a blade for the person who isn’t sure if they’re a Jedi or a Sith!

Growing up, I loved Star Wars, and the thing I loved most about it was the idea of the lightsaber, so when I saw this toy the kid inside me came to life again. Depending on the price, I might have to pick one of these up for my kids (and for me too).

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[Image via Slashfilm]

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