I don’t know if you regularly visit KFC, but some folks in the UK will be getting a tasty treat not having anything to do with chicken later this year. To celebrate their 50th anniversary of dressing and cooking up chickens in any and every way possible, they are giving customers the chance to eat their coffee cups once they’re finished drinking their coffee. No, your eyes didn’t play a trick on you; KFC is legitimately going to dish out edible coffee cups in celebration of their anniversary. Does it seem odd to anyone else this has nothing to do with what they’re known for – chicken? Imagine if Starbucks decided to celebrate their big anniversary by handing out chicken sandwiches to their loyal customers – it just wouldn’t fit. (I would take the chicken sandwich, though – just so we’re clear).

KFC Creates Edible Coffee Cups For 50th Anniversary

How exactly do you eat a coffee cup? Good question; normally you don’t, of course, but these aren’t going to be just any type of coffee cups. For starters, they’ll be made out of cookies wrapped in heat-resistant white chocolate which will begin to melt as you drink more and more of the coffee. As the cup melts, it will also give your joe a bit of a chocolate flavor which is always nice. Then, after the coffee’s gone, you can actually eat the cup. See, everyone wins! You don’t have to throw away the cup and they don’t have to clean it up. They’re calling these new cups Scoff-ee Cups.

While this sounds great in theory, would anyone else out there feel a little weird sitting in a restaurant and eating your coffee cup? Just imagine the looks you’d get from folks who had no idea what was going on; then again, it might be a fun little experiment.

[Image via QZ]