What’s your greatest accomplishment in life so far? Your family? Your career? Your bank account? Your college degree? Maybe you’ve been the recipient of some kind of prestigious award, I don’t know. Have you ever spent years building something – maybe a car or a house? Whatever you’ve done, great and awesome as it may be, it probably pales in consideration to the Millennium Falcon a man named Bernard Szukiel spent the last four years creating. That’s right – he built a near pristine Millennium Falcon…and it’s made almost entirely out of paper. And just by looking at the pictures, there’s really no way to tell the thing’s made out of paper – it looks better than most models I’ve seen in the store. I can’t even draw a simple stick man on a piece of paper, let alone build a famous spaceship with multiple pieces.

Man Spends 4 Years Building Millennium Falcon With Paper

It’s 38 inches long, and in total, approximately 99% of it is comprised of paper and glue; he did use some bits of plastic to add some final touches and color to the ship. It’s impressive – most impressive. I’ve never spent multiple years building anything, so my hat’s really off to this guy.

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