I love Craigslist; I really do. I’ve gotten some awesome things for some dirt-cheap prices – but sometimes, I’ve been a little afraid when it came time to meet someone. I’ve gone to some pretty seedy apartment complexes to pick up Blu-Ray players and you name it, but recent events have made me reconsider doing the same thing in the future. When I hear about a pregnant woman showing up to a Colorado woman’s house to buy baby clothes only to get stabbed and have her unborn baby cut out from her womb, I get a little apprehensive about ever buying anything off the site again. (The woman lived, though sadly, the baby did not). It’s not Craigslist’s fault, though – sometimes we don’t exercise as much caution as we ought when it comes to buying and selling things – and that’s why police departments around the United States are doing what they can to make Craigslist sales all that much safer.

Police Departments Creating Safe Craigslist Zones

In an effort to help keep Craigslist users safe, many police departments are creating “Craigslist Zones” near their police stations. These are areas with a lot of lighting, which may or may not have video surveillance, and where police officers regularly patrol the lot. I for one think this is a wonderful idea, especially in light of recent events; the only problem is can foresee is that it doesn’t give you much of an opportunity to test out whatever it is you’re buying, especially if it’s something electronic.

While you can get some great deals on Craigslist, obviously safety should be the number one priority – never buy or sell anything by yourself – and never, never, give out your home address; it’s just not safe anymore.

[Image via Chicago Tribune]

SOURCE: Engadget