It’s a part of the body most people either love or hate – their eye colour; whatever colour they’re born with, that’s what they have to deal with for the rest of their life. It does no good wishing for another eye colour (oh, contacts may help for a bit), but there’s really been no way to permanently change your natural eye colour. But a new technique coming from Stroma Medical Corporation in Laguna Beach, California, could be changing all that. They’ve reportedly come up with a new laser surgery that will change the colour of your eyes – to blue at least.

Science Finds A Way To Change Your Eye Color

That’s right – they believe a special 30-second laser treatment per eye can remove the pigment (melanin) from the stroma of the iris in the eye which is responsible for different eye colours. It turns out blue eyes are simply eyes without a whole lot of melanin in them, so theoretically, once most of the melanin or pigment is removed from the iris, the eye colour will begin to change to blue over the course of a few weeks.

Obviously, this will be a controversial surgery procedure and will need to undergo testing phases which they are hoping to begin shortly. But think about it for a moment – if you’ve always wanted blue eyes, you might be able to switch in the future.

There’s no word on what the price for such a service would be, though something tells me if won’t be on the cheap side.

[Image via ReadPure]

SOURCE: Yahoo Tech