I love to drink coffee; I may be slightly addicted to the caffeine but that’s another story for another article. I especially love it when it’s cold outside. There’s just something about a nice warm cup of Joe that does more than simply warm you up. Starbucks, of course, knows all about the benefits of a cup of coffee perhaps better than any business out there. They also know how to make it convenient for their customers. For years, they’ve gotten a name to make sure they give the drink to the right person, and they’re the first place I can remember ever doing that. And starting later this year, they’ll be stepping up their service to another notch – by delivering your coffee to you; no more waiting in the sometimes enormous line at the counter, no more waiting in the drive thru before your work shift begins, no more hassle.

Starbucks To Offer Delivery Via Mobile App

This new service will be a joint effort between Starbucks and Postmates, who will actually be heading up the deliveries. The way it will work in theory seems pretty seamless – customers will order what they want using the Starbucks mobile app, and Postdates will deliver it to them, instantly making the day better.

While this will certainly be a convenient option for Starbucks, I should mention it won’t be available everywhere just yet. According to Engadget, when the program starts, it will only be available in Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. Starbucks hopes to have this new service start sometime within the second half of the year.

[Image via TechCrunch]

SOURCE: Engadget