This seven-year-old lost her hand when she was only nine months old because of compartment syndrome where the position she was in during childbirth cut off the circulation in her left forearm.  Doctors tried to save it but eventually had to make the decision to amputate, just below the elbow. However, recently, she has had a custom-made 3D printed hand made just for her. She was even able to choose the colour she wanted.

Created by Build It Workspace, the 3D printer studio teaches others how to use these high-tech printers and gives them access to them for any projects or commercial printing on the go.

This prosthetic arm only costs $50 (£34) to make. President and founder of Build It, Mark Lengsfeld stated, “It’s an amazing thing to be doing.” Why? Children quickly outgrow regular expensive prosthetic limbs and this new project offers an affordable and easier option for kids like Faith. This is the first hand they have made at Build It.

Although the family was working with non-profit group E-Nable originally to get her a 3D-printed hand, there was a massive waiting list. When Faith’s mother heard about Build It, E-Nable was able to provide open-source technology for building Faith’s hand. This made it affordable for anyone with the right printer, even providing a set of instructions. When she outgrows the arm, they can simply make her a new one.

3D printing is being used in amazing ways, but this has to be one of the more touching stories.

[Image via charlestondailymail]

SOURCE: The Independent