Apple has some major software changes coming to WWDC 2015 on June 8, including the launch of the next iOS and OS X update. There will also be a major overhaul on Apple TV’s interface, hinted at by the invitation ‘the epicenter of change’ with an Apple TV style black box in the middle.


Even though there is not much information to go on, we suspect the Apple TV will be revamped to feature a cable-like interface, showing live TV, catch up, features and other content from multiple sources, including HBO, cable channels, Netflix and YouTube.

This diverse range of content might give Apple a clear edge against competitors like Dish Network’s Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, both lack the system to create overlay content from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video to beef up the service’s appeal.

It is still a rumor however and Apple might try a different approach. Reports say it has failed to talk NBC Universal into a deal, and Disney is losing confidence after Apple ditched a few of its less interesting channels.

iOS 9 is expected to be a bit of a boring affair. Reports say Apple is focusing on bug fixes, performance increases and security, after two years of major updates to the platform which have affected stability and security.

Even less is known about the upcoming OS X update, meaning its something big Apple is trying hard to keep hidden, or nothing at all. We suspect the latter, considering for the past few years Apple hasn’t done anything major on the Mac platform.

Another big service update coming to WWDC 2015 is Beats Music. Apple acquired Beats for $3 billion last year, and has since removed the Beats Music streaming service. It will relaunch it—potentially under a new brand—with several exclusive deals.